KG Master focuses on all areas including personal life, family life, business, life, health, success, spirituality, enlightenment and soul cleansing. Through a combination of cutting-edge group workshops, he helps the participant develop, clarify, be confident and nurture outstanding skills. He has a focused Specialty that makes him unique in his ability to guide you towards your dreams. He brings a wide array of strategies, exercises, and tools to help people create effective personal and professional change.  His clients move from uncertainty to clarity, from ineffective to effective thinking, and from anxiety to calm. They learn to lead with confidence, their relationships improve and, they find a new purpose for living that energizes them.



                                    Students will be coached and trained on Memory, Concentration, Focus, Creative skills, Presentation skills, plus building Self-confidence, Self-discipline, Self-image, Obedience, Positive Thinking, Patience, Responsibility, Leadership Qualities and Winning Attitude etc., through a program called Education = Intelligence + Character.

  • Students (Age 7 to 11)
  • Students Groups (Age 12 to 18)

Number of participants and duration will be informed.                                   


                                    Individuals age of 19 and above will be coached and trained in various aspects of forward-living. The contents, duration and number of participants will be announced.


                                    The workshop offers the best, delightful ways and means and delicate techniques required for bringing up the children.  It will help to identify the effectiveness of the current sources, resources and environment and guide to make the changes needed to have a satisfactory parenting experience which benefits parents, children and society.


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