KG Master’s knowledge is comprehensive and delivers with a very personable charm that facilitates a bigger perspective on life direction and opportunities. He has a gift for pushing the audience to think bigger, see things differently, and get past their own limiting beliefs that get in the way. His sharing brings a much-needed perspective and clarity.  The inspiring methods inspire audiences to take positive action in their own lives and their families.

Keynote Speeches

  • Instructional Speech
  • Constructive Speech
  • Motivational Speech
  • Inspirational Speech

KG Master delivers speeches in many areas including the following

  • Personal Clarity, Values and Growth

Understanding the nature of self.  Identifying self-power, potential and values. Establishing a happy and successful living system.

  • Forming a Stable Family

Clarity on initiation of a family, family responsibilities, opportunities and five patterns of family Structures.

  • Effective Parenting

Understanding motherhood, Do’s and Don’ts of a successful mother and father,  Setting up an effective environment which enhances the child’s learning ability positively and effectively. Understanding, selecting and implementing family and social values, etc.

  • Student Attitude and Study Techniques
  • Fundamentals of Forward Living.


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