Coaching can be defined as a continuous process of providing people with feedback to enhance, maintain or improve their performance. The coach observes performance, shares knowledge and expertise, and offers encouragement to assist them in reaching continuously higher levels of performance. Everything is within your grasp and reachable. With KG Master, you can improve the quality of all aspects of life. We help you simplify the road to success so you can maximize your purpose and create the significant impact you desire in every aspect of your life.


Based on the factors identified as the requirements for one’s success and happiness, KG Master designs his unique ‘POWER OF 3 TRIANGLE SYSTEM’ and guides to help to take daily steps toward the goals of building high Self-confidence, high Self-image, high Self-esteem, Leadership Qualities, Time Management, Goal Setting, Identifying the environmental influences, Thwarting Obstacles and achieving goals and dreams. His engaging coaching sessions provide a pathway for you to dig deep inside, unshackle your potential and discover how you can best create meaningful change.

The only ones who have an apparent understanding of themselves and about their environment can constitute for themselves a happy and successful living

– KG Master


KG Master, as an educator since 1980, inculcated in the minds of the students that Education means Intelligence coupled with Character. (Education = Intelligence + Character). He instructs the students on the various aspects of the discipline that are essential along with good knowledge.  He motivates the students through his discourses and writings on self-confidence, self-discipline, self-esteem, humility, noble thoughts, patience, a sense of responsibility, leadership qualities and a triumphal attitude.  His unique ‘POWER OF 3 TRIANGLE SYSTEM’ coaching enables students to develop their thinking and actions in response to various situations and encourages learning, growth and teamwork all at the same time.

A knowledgeable and disciplined student passes the exams. A knowledgeable and well-mannered student emerges successes. 

– KG Master


Parenting or Nurturing a child is like the two sides of a coin. One side represents the family values and the other side the social values. The values of parenting are similar to the value of a coin. For a coin to have its value, both sides of it should have a value. When one side of the coin loses its value, the whole value of the coin gets lost. In parenting too, only when both sides of it, the family values and the social values are adopted, it assumes perfection and gains the total value. Thus, the best future of the children is ensured. Considering all factors, including the socioeconomic status of the parents, KG Master offers the best, delightful ways and means and delicate techniques required for bringing up their children through his unique ‘POWER OF 3 TRIANGLE SYSTEM’ and guides them to have a great parenting experience and the best values for the children and the society.

Children are not idols to be carved out; they are paintings to be drawn with beautiful colours.

– KG Master


The first members of a family, the husband and wife, are physically as well as psychologically two different people. The way they are brought up, their parents, influence of siblings, the impact of living circumstances, level of education, economic status and their faith in divinity could be the factors responsible for their psychological differences. Due to such psychological reasons, husband and wife have unique qualities. What forms the bedrock of a family is the art of living that will not in any way or form lead to the loss of their uniqueness and will not affect each other’s individuality.  A family is an institution that provides the opportunity in human life to find unity in diversity and will be the guide for a happy and successful family in all aspects. KG Master offers the best guidance through his ‘POWER OF 3 TRIANGLE SYSTEM’ to establish a stable family structure.

A family is the floor of a forum that provides the chance to forge unity in diversity.

– KG Master


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