A Wonderful Family

A Wonderful Family

December 23, 2019

A family is the only structure that can provide all five basic needs of a human being.

Food, clothes, and shelter are generally considered to be the basic needs of a human being. Yes, it is vital for survival. However, no human can live life to the fullest just with these three things. Everyone needs to have a total of five basic needs to have a fulfilled life and living. Surprisingly, a family is the only source that can provide those two additional basic needs.

Let us observe a few delicate facts about the initiation of a family. A man and a woman as two friends, or two lovers or two relatives gain a new status through their marriage. Their friendship or their passion gets strengthened through a strong bond as husband and wife. Then, this bond evolves into an administrative structure for themselves called a family that gets established. To state specifically, a family is an organizational structure that blossoms through the bond between a husband and wife.

The initial members of a family, the husband and wife, are two different people physically as well as psychologically. The way they are brought up, their parents, the influence of their brothers and sisters and the impact of their living circumstances, level of education, economic status and their faith in divinity could be the factors responsible for their psychological differences. Due to such psychological reasons, a husband and wife have unique qualities. What forms the bedrock of a family is the art of living that will not in any way lead to the loss of their uniqueness and at the same time will not affect each other’s individuality. In other words, a family is an amalgam of different minds and an institution that provides the opportunity in human life to find unity in diversity. Due to this reason, a family is the only source for those two additional basic needs which are a person TO LOVE and a person TO BE LOVED.



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