The Book

The Success Key’

As the author of the book, ‘You! The Success Key’, I am privileged to share an important message with you. Until you have this book, it is a book. When you have it because you are thirsty, thirsty to form a happy and successful living, then it serves as bottled water. The water you drink becomes you, it is you now, and no one can call water anymore. What you leave after drinking the water is the bottle, that is me. I can’t be you or a part of you and goes the same that you can’t be me or part of me. The reason why I say this is to emphasize the nature of life, and it is vital to form such a living you deserve.

Not only the human but every single creature is unique, matchless and irreplaceable. Life itself is given to live in its unique nature. Therefore, it is never possible to live like someone else. That someone else also possesses the life in its unique nature. Unfortunately, since our childhood, we are instructed, informed and guided to live like someone else. Competition and comparison start with the family, and the education system enhances these two and hands over to the operating system of society. This process has locked the doors of possibilities to form a happy and successful living for many.

Whether you are a student, employee, employer, president, vice-president, CEO, CFO or a father, mother, husband or wife, your interest in knowing and understanding the factors that contribute to a successful and happy living lay the perfect foundation. ‘You’ are the architect of your happiness, success, achievement, and self-actualization. ‘You’ and you alone have the potential to initiate and develop all these for yourself. ‘You’ are a unique creation of nature. ‘You’ are matchless and ‘you’ are your contender. When you realize and utilize the unlimited potential you possess, you become the KEY to open all the doors and create a happy and successful living. You! The Success Key. That is what this book all about. Always remember that ‘Live is to Live’ and ‘Life never denies the guarantee of success and happiness.’